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the Kinetix® Pro

With Kinetix® bowl-hugging blades

Commercially Inspired, Ultimate Performance

Built for the chef, features like a 2000 watt motor and die-cast metal construction help you blend like a professional. The 2 litre lightweight and shatterproof jug is made from an ultra durable BPA free material that is dishwasher safe. It lasts up to 10 times longer* than the traditional polycarbonate jug and its professional square design houses Breville's unique Kinetix® blade system.

What is Kinetix®? Well, put simply, it's a bowl-hugging blade system that virtually eliminates food traps. Smoothies are creamier, pesto is smoother, and ice is turned into snow. It can even chop nuts, and make cream, dips and mayonnaise.

Lumps have nowhere to hide.

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BBL800BSS $299.95
Kinetix Blade

Curved bowl, curved blades. While a traditional blade tree pulls ingredients downwards, an extra long scraping blade shreds and whips, leaving food nowhere to hide.

Pre Programmed Smoothie Function

One touch smoothies. The electronic motor automatically pulses the blades in a sequence of slow and fast bursts. The unique motion mixes and aerates smoothies and even turns itself off once complete.

Ice Crushing Blades

Breville Assist Lid

Blades turn ice into snow in seconds

Professional Grade Die Cast Construction


Molten metal is cast into one thick molded piece for ultimate strength and durability.

Lightweight Jug

lightweight jug

This strong, shatterproof, BPA free material has been tempered using a unique process. It resists cracking in the dishwasher for hundreds of cycles, up to 10 times longer than other polycarbonate jugs.

  • Blade System

    Kinetix® system - bowl-hugging blades virtually eliminate food traps, extra wide for ice-crushing, one piece blade removal for fast and easy cleaning

  • Speed Settings

    Blend, pre-programmed Ice crush, smoothie and pulse settings

  • Suitable for Ice Crushing


  • Jug Capacity

    2 litre

  • Breville Assist Lid


  • Additional Features

    Surgical grade serrated stainless steel blades, illuminated buttons, quiet operation, cord storage

  • Included Accessories

    Inner measuring cup built into lid for adding ingredients while blending

  • Construction

    Heavy duty die cast metal base, stainless steel blades, and a Tritan (BPA free) shatterproof jug

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage

    2000 Watts

  • Warranty

    2 Year Replacement with 5 Year Motor Warranty


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26 December 2011

A fantastic result everytime.

"I love this product. Smoothies that are luscious. Soups that are smooth & silky. Frappes that are perfection. Makes crushed ice in seconds. It is a breeze to clean. It fits into the dishwasher beautifully but it is so quick to wash, it's just as easy and quick to give it a quick wash, dry and put it back ready and willing for the next job. I didn't think much of this Mother's Day gift when I got it, but it now sits proudly on my bench whilst everything else sits idly in the cupboard as it is used most days of the year. La,la love it!"

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