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the Boss™

Easy to use high velocity superblender

You are what you eat.

Click here to 'blend with the Boss'

How do you make frozen desserts without preservatives, nut butters without salt and sugar, hot soups without flavorings, mayonnaise without emulsifiers, soy milks without stabilizers, and of course green smoothies you don’t have to chew?

The Boss™ features a high velocity ProKinetix® blade and bowl system that  pulverises virtually any combination of ingredients. Creating up to 50% smaller particles than traditional blending. This super fine texture increases absorption of nutrients and creates a smoother mouth feel that traditional blenders have not been able to achieve.

With one touch functions including the world’s first 'Green Smoothie' function and variable speeds ranging from a slow stir to a pulverising high speed mill. Now you too can enjoy the 'finer' things in life!

All Breville Boss purchases come with "Blending with the Boss" recipe book.

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BBL910BSS_ANZ $699.95
  • Blade System

    Pro Kinetix™ contoured blade and bowl system

  • Speed Settings

    12 speeds variable manual controls

  • LCD Display

    Large back lit illumination

  • Jug Capacity

    2.0 Litre

  • Breville Assist Lid

    Tight fitting vented jug, to allow steam to escape for blending soups. Includes Breville assist ring pull

  • Included Accessories

    Flexible Scraper easily gets under the blades so there is little waste. A dedicated 'Frozen Dessert Wand' designed to help make the smoothest frozen desserts.

  • Construction

    Die cast stainless steel

  • Wattage

    2200 watts

  • Warranty

    7 Year Limited Product Warranty


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18 July 2014

The boss

"Just bought this blender and made my first green smoothie. Loved the texture and speed. Very happy so far"

3 April 2014

The Boss rules

"My husband and I decided that we wanted to adopt a more healthy eating lifestyle. We came to the conclusion that the best way for us and our two teenage children to get the recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables into us was to blend them into smoothies. We didn't want to juice and throw out all the fibre, but wanted a blender which would make a smoothie, not some lumpy concoction. After seeing the cheap versions on the TV channels we researched quality, high powered blenders. It seemed like the Vitamix was the only suitable product. That was until we discovered 'The Boss', which also comes with a seven year warranty.

We've only had it a few weeks, but so far it has been a fantastic machine. We've made all sorts of fruit and veg smoothies, soups and pasta sauces. The one touch buttons are easy to use, with even our teenagers making their own smoothies. Best of all it is so easy to clean. It even looks good on the kitchen bench - much more modern than the competition. It is early days but we would highly recommend you consider this product."

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