the Risotto & Rice™

10 Cup Risotto & Rice Maker

The Rice Cooker That Also Makes Risotto

Creamy risotto needs precise temperature and 40 minutes of constant stirring. Or does it?

This automatic rice cooker also makes rich, creamy risotto without stirring. An electronic controller ensures that temperature is precise throughout the risotto cycle, while gently simmering stock agitates the rice grains. With a sauté feature you can also brown mushrooms, onions and meat to include in the risotto. It also acts as a 10 cup rice cooker that turns itself to a 'keep warm' setting once ready for fluffy, 'glug' free rice. Steamer tray included.

Now you make a delicious risotto without 40 minutes of stirring!

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BRC520 $79.95
Risotto Making Function

Risotto usually requires precise temperature, controlled liquid absorption, and lots of stirring. The pre-programmed Risotto function controls temperature to absorb flavour, lightly agitates while simmering, and turns itself off once ready. Simple, delicious, home made risotto, without stirring. 

Saute Function


Spice up your rice. Use the rice cooker to saute a range of other ingredients like mushrooms, onions and meats. 

Auto Off Function

The key to light and fluffy rice is controlling temperature, and taking it off the heat at precisely the right time. Breville rice cookers sense changes in temperature and automatically switch to 'Keep Warm' once the rice is ready. Avoids burnt and gluggy rice, even if you're not in the kitchen. 

Easy Clean Design

Non stick interior reduces clean up.

Steaming Function

Comes with steam tray/s designed to sit under the lid of the rice cooker. Simply add water to steam fish and vegetables.

Cook 'n' Look Lid

Tempered glass for ultimate visibility.

  • Capacity

    10 cups (20 cups cooked)

  • Functions

    A combination rice cooker and steamer that also makes risotto. With Saute and automatic keep warm functions

  • Steaming Function

    Using the stainless steel steaming tray provided

  • Risotto Making Function

    Creates creamy authentic risottos without 40 minutes of constant stirring

  • Nonstick Aluminium Steaming Tray

    Ideal for steaming vegetables, poultry and seafood in their natural juices

  • Auto Off Function

    Will remain in auto 'keep warm' for 5 hours for rice and 30 minutes for risotto, then will auto shut off

  • Keep Warm Setting

    When rice and risotto cooking are finished 'keep warm' will switch on automatically

  • Nonstick Bowl

    Aluminum with easy clean non stick coating

  • Lid

    Toughened glass lid with steam vent

  • Removable Cord for Serving

    Removable for serving at the table

  • Additional Features

    Slot in handle holds glass lid or serving spoon

  • Included Accessories

    Stainless steel steaming tray, measuring cup and serving spoon

  • Construction


  • Wattage

    760 Watts

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement


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