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the Smart Fryer™

4 Litre Deep Fryer with 7 cooking presets and timer

The Deep Fryer that Adjusts Time and Temperature to Suit What You're Cooking

Some foods such as chips need to be fried at a higher temperature for longer. While calamari requires a lower temperature for a shorter time.

This is the first deep fryer with technology that adjusts time and temperature to suit what you're cooking with 7 preset functions.
Simply select what you are cooking and this smart appliance will deliver the right temperature at just the right time. The Smart Fryer™ also includes a twice fried chips function for restaurant quality chips and makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients. And, the custom setting allows you to program your favourite dish.

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BDF500BSS_ANZ $159.95
Electronic Thermostat

As soon as food is put into the oil it quickly loses temperature. Electronic thermostats react faster to make crispier chips, and cook more quickly. 

Digital Control

An LCD display and push button controls make selecting the temperature easy and also give guidance on what temperatures to select for popular foods.


Removable and cleanable filter to reduce fumes and odours.

Viewing Window

Viewing window.  So you can see what's cooking.

  • Electronic Thermostat

    Allows oil to rapidly recover back to desired frying temp

  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

    Stainless steel frying basket and cooking bowl are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

  • Filtration

    Mesh filter minimises cooking odours

  • Digital Control

    Illuminitated easy read LCD automatically indicates time, temperature plus preprogrammed cooking functions for your favourite dishes.

  • Oil Capacity

    4 litres

  • Food Capacity

    1.2kg food capacity

  • Viewing Window

    Large viewing window

  • CoolZone Technology

    Debris falls into cooler oil, preventing excess burning and extends oil life

  • Additional Features

    Fresh/Frozen setting automatcally changes the time or temperature, based on the selected cooking mode

  • Innovations

    Twice fried fresh chips function for restaurant quality chips

  • Construction

    Brushed stainless steel

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage

    2200 Watts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement


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