the Little Genius™

With stainless steel weighing platform

3 Kitchen Helpers in One. Scale, Timer and Thermometer

Some recipes require accurate measure of time, temperature and weight. But how do you make space for all three?

This-3-in-1 device solves an array of kitchen challenges with precision. As a scale, it measures weight in 1 gram increments up to 5 kilograms.  It also has a tare/zero feature to reset the scale to zero to make adding extra ingredients to a recipe or bowl easy and precise.

The LCD timer helps time various kitchen tasks. The built in temperature probe can be inserted into liquids and solids to measure up to 150°C and the scale also displays the ambient temperature.  All measurements can be read in both metric and imperial for international recipe conversion.

It's like having a sous chef. 

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BSK500BSS $109.95
Zero Tare

Allows you to readjust the scale to zero grams even with a bowl on top. You can then weigh new ingredients as if from a zero base, as you add them. Saves time, mess and washing up.

Integrated Timer

Saves clutter on the counter by combining scales with a timer. Count down or count up. Beeps when finished.

Metric Imperial Conversion Button

Measure in either grams or ounces, Celsius or Fahrenheit (if thermometer feature is included) or use it to convert between the two.

Ambient Temperature Display

A built in thermometer probe means you can measure the temperature of items like milk or chocolate as you weigh them, or use it as a stand alone thermometer when cooking.  The device also measures an ambient room temperature.

  • Max Capacity


  • Accuracy

    1 gram

  • Weighing Surface

    Stainless steel

  • Easy-Clean Surface


  • Ambient Temperature Display


  • Integrated Timer

    Included (kitchen timer and temperature alarm for probe)

  • Units of Measure

    Metric and imperial (including liquid measurement)

  • LCD Display

    Included (with weight, time and temp feedback)

  • Zero Tare


  • Batteries

    1 x 9V battery included

  • Scale Colour

    Stainless steel/charcoal

  • Temperature Probe

    Included - accurately measures temperature for food and beverages

  • Construction

    Stainless steel weighing platform

  • Warranty

    5 Year Replacement


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