the Kinetix® Light & Mighty®

With MIniKinetix® blades

With a lightweight 1.5 litre BPA free jug and 3 speed settings plus pulse the Light & Mighty® provides control for great results every time.

The Kinetix® Light & Mighty® has Breville's  Kinetix® blades, only mini! So what is Kinetix®? Well, put simply, it's a bowl-hugging blade system that virtually eliminates food traps. Smoothies are creamier, dips are creamier, and ice is turned into snow.

Lumps have nowhere to hide.

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BBL280WHT_ANZ $69.95
Kinetix Blade

Curved bowl, curved blades. While a traditional blade tree pulls ingredients downwards, an extra long scraping blade shreds and whips, leaving food nowhere to hide.

Pre Programmed Smoothie Function

One touch smoothies. The electronic motor automatically pulses the blades in a sequence of slow and fast bursts. The unique motion mixes and aerates smoothies and even turns itself off once complete.

Ice Crushing Blades

Breville Assist Lid

Blades turn ice into snow in seconds

Lightweight Jug

lightweight jug

This strong, shatterproof, BPA free material has been tempered using a unique process. It resists cracking in the dishwasher for hundreds of cycles, up to 10 times longer than other polycarbonate jugs.

  • Breville Assist Lid


  • Jug Capacity


  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement

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